Smart wireless kinetic
energy switch

It is right time to eliminate traditional wired switch.

Wall cutting
Fear of water

Wirelss switch light up your smart home!

Built in generator, one touch to wireless control lighting, no battery, no wiring, put it anywhere as you like.

Working Principle

We offer value-added function, that is APP remote control, no matter where you are, just open SUNMEHS APP to easily control your home lighting!

Greatly improve efficiency of 40%
Cost reduction of 30%

Wiring cost saving of 60%

Office application


Traditional wire:1050m

Smart wire:410m

Wiring cost saving of 70%

House application


Traditional wire:152m

Smart wire: 43m

Wiring cost saving of 75%

Hotel application


Traditional wire:89m

Smart wire: 20m

Creative lighting control

Unique and Exquisite

Full process strict quality control

Service life is long lasting for several decodes.

200,000 times up-and-down test,
if the switch is used 8 times a day,
it can last for over 60 years.

Simple installation needs only 30s

One switch can control multi lamps
Two-way, multi-way control, magical wireless control

Extremely Safe/Quick installation

Directly paste on glass, ceramic tile, mosaic tile, marble, wood wall surfaces, do not need to drill holes or chisel slot on the wall.

Easy 3-step installation

Paste on suitable position
APP configuration


  • Model:EE0154/254/354
  • Switch:1/2/3 key
  • Color:silver/Golden(customized)
  • Weight:68g
  • Size:86*86*16mm
  • Output power:10dBm
  • Frequency:433.92MHz
  • Moving distance:~2mm
  • Strength:~700g